There are reasons for its occurrence:

  • Hormonal changes - very often the appearance of cellulite on the background of hormonal changes. For example, the first signs can appear in adolescence. Also at risk women in the postpartum period and menopause.
  • The problem of power - constant jump weight the lack of diet and some foods such as fatty meats, sodas, fast foods, coffee and alcohol, salty food contribute to excess fat.

The lack of exercise. It is known that more than 40 minutes of being in the same position, contributes to the appearance of cellulite.

Heredity - here everything is clear, unfortunately this is an option. This women who have a predisposition, you should think about it beforehand.

Not a suitable clothes and footwear - the problem lies in an incorrect blood circulation. Uncomfortable shoes, high heels, constricting underwear, tight belts, elastic bands, all this impairs blood circulation, which subsequently lead to the occurrence of cellulite in areas of compression.


Fortunately, the presence of cellulite can be determined by yourself, without the help of experts, and to commence a number of procedures. Stages of cellulite:

Start squeezing a noticeable slight swelling of the tissues. Visually, this form is visible only in good light. Quick and easy to correct.

The second is more broken swelling, and partially the sensitivity of the skin. It is desirable rather to pay attention to it.

Third - many nodular formation, noticeable without being crushed. Impaired sensitivity of the skin.

Fourth - soreness when exposed to the affected areas. This stage is visible visually even in noblehouse clothes. Without the help of a specialist can not do.

The development of cellulite often takes place quietly and unexpectedly for the girls and women of different age categories. Success in combat depends on when exactly he will show up.

The first visual signs it is better to deal with it, in any case, it doesn't take a lot of time, and various wraps, even improve skin condition.