Usually, a person independently creates a problem with excess weight, literally condemning themselves to further difficulties. It may be associated with many factors, but the most common sedentary lifestyle and poor diet. And then, realizing that the mirror is not what I would like to see there, people begin to spend their time and nerves to solve this trouble.

Needless to say that the best option — and not to bring themselves to such a state. But what to do if problem is already there? Unfortunately, most choose not the best solutions.

A strict diet Naturally, with the decision to lose weight first the person's head thinking about what need to deny yourself all and start literally starving, eating a few vegetables and a glass of water a day. Everyone knows the consequences of such decisions — ruined health, hair, skin, nails and teeth at least dystrophy and anorexia as a maximum.

And deceptive the view that two days without food you will lose the pounds that have accumulated over the years, and then continue to eat as you did before, but to stay slim. The body lost a huge amount of minerals, is in a stressful situation. Getting food, it begins to accumulate it, sending in body fat. In the end, you gain more than you lost, mess up the metabolism, but, most importantly, to engage in an endless vicious circle of strict diets that will not bring anything good.

 Proper nutrition

Then the question arises — what to do when diets don't work? To deal with overweight? No. It will ruin your health that is a strict diet that is close to starvation. Diet based on the principles of proper nutrition, on the contrary to correct your health.

Thus, combining tasty and healthy menu for 1500 calories and sport, you'll get the desired slim body once and for all, along with a good mood, vitamins and a healthy nervous system.

Of course, everyone chooses for himself what more he liked, but everyone knows the phrase, "Haste makes waste" has a lot more sense than "Beauty requires victims".