How to give a child in gymnastics

In advance physically and psychologically to prepare the child to the classroom for rhythmic gymnastics. To develop a sense of rhythm, sense of rhythm, coordination, memory, endurance and other data, preferably long before the arrival of the child in a professional class. A SDYUSH for this sport conduct preparatory classes for girls 3-4 years, and some 2.5 years.

Deciding to enroll your child in gymnastics, the first thing you need to find an optimal partition or school. If you decide to give the baby to gymnastics just for health, you may go for conventional sports section with some sports Palace. More ambitious parents need to find SDYUSH, or even better, sports school of rhythmic gymnastics. The proximity to the place of residence of the child will play a decisive role.

In addition, you must complete a survey of physicians to obtain their approval for practicing this sport. A reality of the sport is such that not every child will take to school. And gymnastics is no exception. In this sport take girls without any contraindications. Contraindications: problems with weight, spine, cardiovascular system, hearing and sight. Also prefer flexible and active children. If your child does not qualify – it will not take in a professional sport.

Selecting a place of employment and passing a medical examination, must obtain the consent of the teacher to take the child. Some schools take everyone, and then gradually sift in the course of training. In other initially take only able girls. The coach is not only focusing on the health and flexibility, but a sense of rhythm and musicality of the child on its appearance. It held the entrance test. Their date should be known in advance.

After passing the entrance test, you can prepare the documents and complete the formalities for admission. After the child pass a medical examination and the entrance test, parents are encouraged to write the application for admission of the child. In some SDYUSH require photocopies of passports of parents and birth certificate of the child.

In addition, if necessary, you will have to pay for classes. Thus in SDYUSH Olympic reserve classes are usually free or for a nominal sum.

What to consider when enrolling a child in gymnastics

The child needs to be healthy.

Gymnasts train on average 5 days a week for 4-6 hours a day. This routine assumes the proximity SDYUSH in rhythmic gymnastics to the place of residence of the athlete.

Directly artistic gymnastics girls begin to engage in from 6-7 years, but the training for this sport must start much earlier – with 5 or even 3 years.

You must prepare for significant financial expenses. Most of the money to the parents of the gymnasts don't give up on lessons and costumes and gymnastics equipment, at an older age – to travel to a competition.