You can clean upgrade to Windows 10 in Windows 7, just download a special package from Microsoft (the link is at the end of the article). After completing the installation and restart the computer, go to your system registry editor (press "Win + R" and in the appeared line type regedit). Open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, then find here the tab Windows where should be the right subkey WindowsUpdate. In his absence, execute the action "Create" and specify an appropriate name for the new item. Click the right mouse on an empty space on the right and create DWORD value (32-bit) under the name DisableOSUpgrade. Click it twice and apply a value of "1". Restart the computer and check the results of your manipulations.
Try to remove the refresh icon to the "dozens" which constantly appears on the taskbar. This can be avoided by removing the hidden folder called $Windows.~BT, which contains installation components of the new system version. Press "Win+R" and type cleanmgr. After running the cleanup utility, select the function delete system files, where you select the installation temporary files. When cleaning is finished, click on restart Windows.
If the icon updates to Windows 10 again is not removed, use another method. Tab installed packages in the update Center. Select and exclude from the list of KB3035583. Making reboot, re-open the Centre and click on search for updates. As soon as the system prompts you to install KB3035583, hide it in the list to this point the installation of Windows 10 finally stopped bothering.
It happens that to clean Windows 7 upgrade to Windows 10 will not help even the above radical methods. Particularly affected by this, users who have installed the new version of the system, but subsequently rolled back to the previous one. In this case, you can create a partition Gwx in the Windows registry (path specified in the first step). Here you need to create the DWORD32 with the name DisableGwx (value 1).
The most extreme method of withdrawing the installation is complete to disable the main update service through the Center Windows. In this case, the annoying icon on the taskbar, you do not exactly trouble, but it will no longer be installed any other packages. Use this method only when you are sure you have all the necessary updates to your system.