You will need
  • INN, mobile phone, the card of PrivatBank
To check the balance on the card of PrivatBank it is possible in the traditional way – through ATM. Can be used as native ATM, and others. In this case, you will need to enter the pin when prompted, and then select the query residue, then choose account. A foreign Bank can take the balance test an additional fee. In the native ATM this option is free.
To verify your account via Privat24. To do this, first log in. Go to the website and there in the upper left corner you will see a link for registration in the Bank. To register you will need to know your INN and have a mobile phone. Despite the fact that PrivatBank is a Ukrainian Bank, to register it is possible for citizens of other countries, including from Russia. The phone number should be entered in international format, i.e. starting with the country code. For Russian operators is +7, Ukrainian +38.
After registration and confirming your phone number, you may add to your account the card of PrivatBank. You need to have to have to get a card online will not work. You will need to enter the data from your map in the form on the website. And then call back the operator of the Bank and clarify all the questions. When the identification and testing of your map are completed, you can use the system Privat24.
Now, to check the balance on the card of PrivatBank, you just need to login in the system. For this purpose, dynamic passwords – they come to your phone via SMS to log into the system only after entering the password. This is done to enhance security operations. In your account you can not only check balances, but also to have a virtual card, to pay utility bills, make transfers to other accounts, including cards of other banks. The interface of the system Privat24 quite simple and convenient.