Network cards belong to this type of devices, which often does not require special drivers. Standard Windows drivers support most boards. However, if your network card is having problems when it is detected in Windows, go to the website of the manufacturer. There you can download instructions and software to install any devices.
After you insert the card into the slot and being detected by her Windows, it is automatically enabled. The main criterion of the correct connection – blinking orange and green diodes. If the flashing diodes is not visible, remove and insert the power cord – you may have lost contact. If this does not help, check whether a card is installed in the correct slot.
Typically, the operations should be enough to work with the map. However, you may need to enable the network map from Windows itself. This can be done 2 ways.
Open the start menu – Network connections. In the resulting window, see the icon labeled "local area Connection". Clicking on it, right click, select the command "Include".
If the Network connection corresponding icon no, do something else. From the start menu go to control Panel, select device Manager. In the opened window, in the list of equipment looking for your Network card. Click on a display device (networking controller), right-click and choose the command "Use".
For a few seconds on the screen you should see a small window that says "Enabling...". Network card included. If after that, the LAN access is impossible, contact your connection settings.