Maternity leave is available only to women employed (and insured in the FSS entrepreneurs). Maternity payments are designed to compensate for a woman of her average earnings due to a temporary loss of health during pregnancy and after childbirth. Earnings women are considered to be in the last 2 years before going on maternity leave. Accordingly, in 2016 takes into account the cumulative income of a pregnant woman for 2014-2015.

Maternity leave is granted for a period of 140 days in a normal pregnancy, when birth complications arise, it is extended to 156 days, with the birth of twins (triplets) to 194 days.

The law establishes the maximum parental leave payment. They are defined based on maximum earnings from which contributions to the social insurance Fund. This Foundation is responsible in Russia for the payment of benefits. Employers make monthly contributions to the social insurance Fund from the wages of the employee in the amount of 2.9% to reach its revenue limit income. Last reviewed annually in a big way.

The maximum earnings considered in the calculation of maternity for 2016, is 624 thousand rubles in 2014 and 670 thousand rubles in 2015. These limits will take effect if a worker will provide an application for leave for the period from 1 January to 31 December 2016.

Based on the maximum earnings obtained that the maximum average day is 1772,6 R. It is calculated by the formula (670000+624000)/730. Accordingly, the maximum maternity leave in 2016 are 248 146 p. (1772,6*140). When complications in childbirth, this number increases to 276 525,6 R., the birth of twins - 343 884,4 R.