The name and character of the child

There is an opinion that the name has a definite influence on the nature and destiny of man. Thus, the rare and unusual names are charismatic and eccentric personalities. If you want to emphasize the creative side of your child, then boys fit names such as Apollo, Leo, albert, Eustace, Matthew, Nazar, Lawrence, Jacob, etc. to Future singers and Actresses can give the name Inessa, Nadya, Zlata, Barbara, Roxanne, Juliana, Kira, Regina, Nonna or August.

If the development of the child you want to make the emphasis on practical features, then the girl can be called Anastasia, Hope, Kristina, Tatiana, Valentina, Mary, or Xenia, and the boy – Andrew, Ivan, Maxim, Dmitry, Vladimir, Peter.

How to name the baby according to the season

It is believed that the character of the person influences not only the year and the zodiac sign and birth month. So, in the winter, children are born with a more severe and prone to conflict by nature. To soften the rudeness inherent nature, a child born in the winter months, you can give soft, gentle and feminine name.

Spring born life thin, sensitive, indecisive but very talented and gifted. For spring kids, by contrast, fit and strong sounding names.

In the summer there are emotional, impressionable and possessed of an explosive temper children. The kids recommend giving simple and concise names.

Historical and ancestral names

In recent years more and more parents instead of modern and familiar names are chosen by your child native Russian and biblical names. If you are a supporter of this trend, the newborn child can come such names as Damian, Bogdan, Kuzma, Yefim, Thomas Fedotov, Arkhip, Athanasius, Nicephorus, etc. a Girl can be called Serafima, Vasilisa, Antonina, Donetsk, Pelageya, Susanna, girl, Evlampia, Euphrosyne or Eudoxia.

Beautiful modern names

If you want your child stood out and was always the center of attention, then he can help an unusual and original name. Some parents even decided on drawing up a whole new name, folded it, for example, of the names of relatives and friends. However, calling the child a rare and extraordinary name, be aware that in kindergarten and school, he is likely to face bullying. The child did not feel uncomfortable amid the usual Russian names, he needs to explain all the beauty and charm of his name.

For a beautiful and unusual female names include such as Berta, Milana, Bella, Aida, Ada, Jadwiga, Ustin, Tomila, Edith, Lolita, Emma, Eva, Renata, Teresa, of Marietta, and Nora. The boy can be called Luceram, Jednom, Zlatomira, Askol'd, Cupid, Ogogoro and Dionysius.

In the world of globalization and strong international contacts makes sense to name your baby is universal for all languages by name. For boys, this is Andrew (Andrea, Andrew) and Michael (Michelle, Michael). The girl can be given the name Elisabeth (Elizabeth) and Catherine (Kate).