First thing relax, remove the stress, take a break from everyday worries. Take a shower or soak in the hot tub - so you can refresh not only the body but also will remove emotional stress. Well, if the shower has the massaging mode of water supply. RUB your body is very hard sponge with aromatic foam gel. By the way, the gel must be tonic, to give you a burst of energy. The ideal option is to finish water procedures, contrast shower, alternating cold water with warm. Wipe your body with a fluffy towel.
Hair is one of the main indicators of the General condition of the body. Stress and fatigue lead to dull looking hair. For the day that you have to prepare, you might start to refresh and even bring back the curls shiny. Use the mask, a good shampoo, balm-conditioner. Remember people's recipes, they are like no other beneficial for the hair. For example, an Express mask for Shine from the coffee decoction. Boil 3 tbsp of natural ground coffee in a Cup of boiling water. Allow to cool slightly and can be immersed in the decoction of hair or apply it on the head. Shiny and soft hair add a ordinary lemon juice, which mix with water in a ratio of 1 tablespoon of juice per liter of water. Or simply a douche for the head, holding hair after a hot steaming under cold running water. Try to keep the jet massage and scalp. To evening you can do natural styling, wet wind the strands on curlers-Perm rods, boomerangs or Velcro. Don't forget before twisting to make use of styling product.
A manicure is a pretty long procedure. If you have not taken care of in advance, get the nails immediately after a bath. Hands are steamed and prepared for trimming manicure. It remains only to give the nails the right shape and cover them with varnish. Don't forget to moisturize your hands with cream.
The important activities can be prepared on an empty stomach. It is quite understandable desire to lose weight in a short period of time, but one day it just is not enough. Slightly tighten the abdomen, maintain easily help the yogurt, cheese, cornflakes, glass of milk or yogurt, nuts and dried fruits. You can afford a couple of pieces of dark chocolate, which can easily cope with low mood and fatigue.
Refresh the face and neck any natural vegetable or fruit juice or green tea. Treat yourself to a light energizing mask: either finish or made of any natural products. For example, mix sour cream with cottage cheese or honey with the lemon juice and 1 egg yolk. Forever put the grated cucumber or raw potato. Just 20-30 minutes, and the skin fresh and ready for makeup. Apply a moisturizing day cream. A light face massage with the fingertips will enhance the nutritional effect of the cream.
Good evening makeup is always done on a basis. Concealer, correctors, concealers will hide flaws, smooth color. From the splendor of the face will help get rid of dust. And don't forget a little blush for a beautiful contour. Eye makeup, start with eyeliner, then apply eyeshadow and paint eye-lashes. Discard the pink or purple shades of eye shadow and pencil – so you only emphasize the redness of tired eyes. If you urgently get yourself in order, then the emphasis is better to move the lips – this will distract attention from the eyes. Apply the lipstick with a brush, pre-letting his lips along the contour of the solid pencil.