Meat Solyanka with confidence can be called a native Russian dish. This is one of the most fragrant and spicy soups, domestic kitchen, but still not everyone knows how to cook meat Solyanka at home. The hallmark of bright sour-sweet taste and a richly flavored soup from your favorite deli meats and smoked.

The basis of meat soups can be taken from beef, chicken or pork broth. However, the composition must be salty (not pickled) cucumbers, olives or olives, tomato paste and several types of meat. Potatoes in a bag is usually not placed. Below are the three most successful recipe for meat Solyanka with step by step cooking.

Beef stew pork broth

For the preparation of meat soups will need 0.25 kg of pork, 0.7 kg any meats (sausage, ham, sausage, pork chops, smoked neck, shank or rib to your taste), 150 g of salt cucumbers, 100 ml brine, 1 large onion, 3 tbsp tomato paste, 1 lemon, 100 g of olives or olives, pitted.

Pre-cook pork in lightly salted water (for about an hour, the pan is 3.5 liters). Strain the broth and pork cool and cut into cubes. For frying chop onion, slice into strips cucumbers and smoked meat. Dip on a hot griddle the onion and fry it in sunflower oil until Golden brown. Add the cucumber, after a few minutes pour in the tomato paste and cook the mixture for at least 5 minutes. In a separate skillet, sear meat, and pork, and then add them to simmering broth and cook for another 10 minutes. Put the finished fried in the soup, pour the brine and all mix well. Add salt and pepper if needed, cover the pan and allow the bag to infuse for 30 minutes. Before serving, add to the plate a slice of lemon, a few olives or olives. Also eat meat Solyanka with sour cream.

Beef stew with beef broth

To cook this meat-bag at home, you need to take 0.4 kg of beef, 4 sausages, 0.2 kg of cooked sausage and ham, 3 pickle, 1 onion, 1 jar of olives (olives), 2 tbsp tomato paste, Bay leaf, pepper, salt, herbs to taste and a slice of lemon for decoration.

Cook beef broth (not much salt) and strain. The beef cool and cut into small pieces together with other meat ingredients. Cut the onions, cucumbers and herbs (parsley, dill) and cook in the frying pan together with tomato paste for a few minutes. Add the broth, vegetables and meat and cook the soup to a boil. Pour in meat hodgepodge jar of olives (olives), together with the brine, wait until the broth begins to boil, remove the pan from the heat. The first serve with a slice of lemon and sour cream.

Beef stew with chicken broth

This homemade beef stew is prepared very simply and it will require 1.5 liters of chicken broth, 0.2 kg of chicken, 0.5 kg of any of smoked sausage and meat, 2 tbsp tomato paste 2 pickles, olives), salt, pepper and lemon wedge.

Fry the pieces of sausage in a dry frying pan to slightly melt the fat. Chicken and smoked meat cut into cubes. Cut rind pickles, and the flesh is chop. So it was not too watery, drain it on a sieve. Dilute the tomato paste a tablespoon of broth and along with the cucumber, saute in the pan for about 5 minutes. Bring chicken broth to a boil, put all meat ingredients and stewed cucumbers. Simmer the soup for another few minutes. Salt and pepper meat hodgepodge, if required. Serve with a few olives, a slice of lemon and sour cream.