You will need
  • Drawing paper or cardboard
  • Colored paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Paint
Think of the plot of the game. If it's a game for some tale, remember what adventures happened with the characters, where they could stay on the road, and began to travel faster.
Make the field. A sheet of Whatman coat an even layer of paint. Mark the field. Note which areas are the most important items – the ancient castle, where the main characters are sent with a report, river, through which it is necessary to move the tree, where they met the sorcerer. Draw and paint the necessary items.
Indicate the beginning and end of the route. Plan the route to pass through all the designated points. Note the "steps". It can be cut from paper or drawn circles or squares. Make them different color and size – those that mark an important stage on the route, can be brighter and larger. It is possible to note a different color and "steps", where the player skips a few moves. Number of "steps".
Decide from what point the character moves a few moves ahead or back, and label them with arrows. The more points – the more fun the game is. If you have considered all the circumstances in which it may be character – trace the route marker.
Do the chips. You can do the usual cardboard cones different colors. But figures from the tales seem interesting. Draw a stick figure on the dense cardboard. Down at the soles, make the half circle for the stand. Cut out the figure again and trace them onto cardboard. Glue the halves of the figures wrong side, tilting the stand. Paint character.
For this game, will need another cube. It is, of course, you can also make paper, but it will be too easy. Better to cut it out of wood or to make the hardening of the clay, marking the edges point from 1 to 6.
The game's plot you are asking yourself. Explain the rules the rest of the participants. Note that the plot must exactly match what is depicted on the field.