Almost every day you say to yourself: "I'll Do it later". All right, the only reason this "later" doesn't come. You understand, however, that to waste energy and time – a luxury. Try to change your attitude and overcome laziness.

Find a suitable stimulus. This is only to see her younger sister, learned English, visited not for the same trips abroad, classmates successfully married classmate became a successful business lady. And you all, as in a swamp... it is Time to act rather than wait.

If you are faced with a difficult task, try to break it into parts and start with the most simple. After all, it is said that the eyes are afraid, and hands do. Thus, gradually being drawn into the process, you will be able to do all the work. You can try to act the opposite: to start with the most difficult stage. Then the rest will be done with ease. What to do - decide. Most importantly, discipline yourself to do what you have planned. Don't delay or for tomorrow, or even five minutes.

Sitting at the computer to write an important letter, don't get into the forums, don't start chatting with a friend on Skype or watch network news. Take the set without distraction. Otherwise there is a risk again to go the wrong direction. If you focus constantly hinders trezvosti phone – unplug it, or taking the tube, briefly answer that busy and will call whenever you are free. For the future train everyone not to bother you when you work.

Try not to accumulate the job. Everyone knows that the order is easier to maintain than to restore; wash three plates is much easier than to wash the mountain of dishes. This applies not only to household chores, and all the rest. Try boring household duties to perform to the music. Or turn on the audiobook: be able to combine business with pleasure.

Enlist the support, not to fight against laziness alone. Find like-minded people, just wanting to change. For example, you and a friend decided to diet to lose weight. Talk on the phone and share with each other, even minor successes. Can arrange a competition in whose waist size reduced before.

As a rule, the more you do, the more will be the time. There would be time to be lazy: relax, lie at the TV. Celebrate your achievements and do not stop there.