The body of any baby in the first months after birth are so weak that severe allergies can cause even the most seemingly innocuous components. And the child it is not necessary to consume foods that cause an allergic reaction, as the body of the baby all the allergens penetrate along with the milk of his mother. Therefore, pediatricians recommend new moms who feed their kids milk, to adhere to a special hypoallergenic diet.

What is a hypoallergenic diet?

First, nursing mothers are strictly forbidden to smoke or to drink alcoholic beverages of any strength. Prohibited products include those that contain in their composition the strongest allergens: crabs, mackerel, crabs and chocolate.

Not a nursing mother to eat and drink, acting very weak stimulant on the nervous system of the baby. Such beverages is coffee, black and very strong tea. All of these recommendations must be performed even in those cases, if the child is absolutely healthy. If the baby is already experiencing an allergic reaction to any products, nursing mother to give necessary and some other products that can be classified as potential allergens, for example, fish dishes, honey, sugar, nuts, eggs, chicken, smoked meat, milk, tropical fruit, raspberries, strawberries and all citrus without exception.

Cranberries, lingonberries and sea-buckthorn in the diet of lactating mothers

Many inexperienced mothers often wonder about whether or not their menu to include berries of sea buckthorn, cranberry, cranberries and foods made from them. On the one hand, these berries can be equipped for the strongest allergens, but on the other – they are a treasure trove of all and minerals that are necessary for recovery of a young mother after pregnancy.

In addition, these fruits are the rich composition that would allow the baby to develop much faster. Pediatricians recommend the first time with great care to treat lingonberries, cranberries and sea buckthorn.

Also recommended to use only a few berries. After a while, when the baby's body adapts to the composition of these berries, cranberry and sea-buckthorn can be to cook delicious nutritious and fruit drinks. Cranberries can also be added to pies or eaten fresh.

What useful properties have these berries?

It can be noted that cranberries and lingonberries are a favorite food of many pregnant women. Fruit drinks of these berries promote excretion of excess fluid, thus reducing the likelihood of swelling. In addition, cranberry and cranberry fruit drinks are considered the best preventive measure against varicose disease and thrombophlebitis.

These fruits are a perfect, completely harmless natural antibiotic and antipyretic. This is why berries and fruit drinks from them prescribed for various respiratory diseases and influenza.

As for sea buckthorn, the fruits of this plant help to strengthen the health and immunity not only nursing mothers, but also her baby. Sea buckthorn is recommended to use in small amounts and to increase lactation in new mothers.