Treatment of wounds

Hydrogen peroxide, cotton pads, cotton swabs will need to disinfect scrapes and wounds. Zelenka and iodine it is better to take in the package with marker, because the glass bottle is easy to beat. Be sure to put a sterile bandage, healing wipes, band-aid bactericidal and hemostatic sponges, and for fixing dressings – a simple band-aid. Before treating wounds, own hands it is better to wipe with antibacterial wipes. It is better to get in large quantity, in the train or plane often need to wipe their hands.


The first trip on the sea with the child the need to equip different antipyretic. For kids allow the use of paracetamol and ibuprofen. To ease the weight of the suitcase, you can take a syrup with one of the candles from the other.

Drugs for poisoning

Diarrhea and rotavirus – frequent companions of kids. It is mandatory in a first aid kit for the child need to purchase sorbents, which involve the toxin in the intestine and helps to anchor the chair: "Smecta" and "Enterosgel". And with the rotavirus will helpEnterofuril". For the prevention of violations of the intestinal microflora of the baby well to give a "Linex", or similar drugs.

Cream and drugs of burns

The sun quickly traumatize the child's delicate skin. Protective cream with a large protection factor should always be handy on the trip to the sea with the child. To moisturize the skin after sun exposure need to take baby creamor "Drops", and for the treatment of burns useful "Panthenol". In the heat of the baby is easy preet skin, so zinc ointment or other usual baby diaper creama must-have in the suitcase.

Drugs for the treatment of colds

Acclimatization in many cases is accompanied by a cold. Therefore, the need for nasal lavage ("constant stress" or "Akvamaris") vasoconstrictor ("nazivin children"). If the child is prone to sore throat, you need to take cough syrups that help him. The sea water together with the debris and small stones often gets into the eyes of a child. In case of inflammation should be reserved for eye drops.


Change of food and food products of the sea can trigger allergies. In the medicine Cabinet should not only drops, but the ointment on the case of insect bites. For example, under the brand name "Fenistil" and sold both.


A small syringe is needed to through it without a needle to inject drugs to the kid in the mouth (e.g., "Smectite"). If the crumbs on the approach of the teeth, it is desirable to take "Kalgel" or other ointment to relieve pain in the gums. Also need to put in a first aid kit electronic thermometer and baby scissors.

If the child suffers from some chronic disease, all the meds he takes, you need to put in a first aid kit. In this case, it is desirable to calculate such a number of tablets and capsules to make them last for the whole course. Otherwise, you will have to find the right medicine in the middle of the vacation.