Planning a trip to the sea

Some parents believe that until their baby turns 3 years old, it is better not to travel and to spend holidays at home. Trip to the sea with a baby not is their fear. It is unknown how the baby will react to climate change and how it will feel and behave in an unfamiliar place.

The stronger and healthier the child, the easier he takes acclimatization. Doctors do not recommend anywhere to take newborns, because of 1 month of their lives they should see a doctor or patronage nurse at least 1 time a week. In addition, these children still too weak for long trips.

Planning a vacation can be the earliest on the date when the child turns 3 months. Before that, it is advisable to share your plans with the local pediatrician, who can give very valuable advice.

Choosing a travel package, it is better to buy a tour to a country with a mild climate. From trips to exotic countries should be abandoned for some time. The best for tourists with young children considered moving to a place of rest on the plane.

Rules of conduct on vacation

Going on the road, you should bring all the necessary documents for the child. It is advisable to make copies of the sheets of the medical records, with entries about all immunized. The road must collect the first aid kit, which should be painkillers, bandages, disinfectant means.

During the gathering we must not forget to bring sunscreen for the little ones with the maximum degree of protection, diapers, things for infants, as well as a large beach umbrella. For a sitting baby can take buggies. Pushchairs for babies are extremely heavy and bulky. Often, mothers prefer to take the sling-a scarf or sling-backpack in which to carry your baby. These incredibly handy tools to some extent can replace the heavy stroller.

In the first days of stay should be very carefully watching the progress of acclimatization. If the baby cannot tolerate the changing climatic conditions, it is necessary to limit sun exposure and more time to spend in the hotel room.

Traveling with a toddler, it is best to opt for a fairly comfortable hotel, where there are all necessary conditions. Leisure options in houses-trailers or tent camps is unacceptable in this case.

It is important to remember that with a small child to be all day at sea is impossible. With infants, you can go to the beach until 11 am and after 4 PM. The rest of the time can be devoted to exploring the shady streets, parks and recreation on site.

If the child eats not only chest milk, it is advisable to stock up in the way usual diet. Even if the child has not previously depavali water, at rest it is necessary. Water is better to buy in bottles and be sure to boil it before giving it to the baby.