To the wooden house the best option in terms of price, labor, and quality, frame extension, made of planks or boards. It is erected quickly, does not shrink, goes well with the main building. To attach the porch to the house with a size of 3X7 m, requires 2.5 to 2.8 m3 cut six blocks of wood (50х150 mm), bars 50x50 mm 36-40 meters, beam 150х100 mm – 1 m3 business slab on the ceiling of 1,5-2 m3, unedged planks for sheathing the roof – 0.5 m3, the edging on the walls of the verandah – 1 m3.

Originally mounted for the porch Foundation. Material flow on the Foundation – PGS 3,5 tons, cement bags 6-7. Do layout for future veranda on the perimeter, dig a trench to a depth of 20-25 cm and poured concrete solution. Then drive in the pegs, pull the cord, adjusting height with leveling, set the formwork and pour the solution on a par with the basic Foundation. Give it to harden, it takes 2-3 days.

The Foundation is laid waterproofing, for this purpose, suitable roofing material, made from timber tie. Further along the perimeter of the exhibit stand of timber, make the top rail, lay the ceiling of the slab and proceed to the installation of the roof. Old roofing material is removed, install truss system, depending on the type of the roof using the scaffold. Then make a crate, put a roofing material that is attached skates. The place fit the ridge to the roof glue sealer, sew cornice.

At the final stage of construction of the verandah wall mount from edging boards, filed ceiling boards or drywall, lay floors, install door and window, are doing interior decoration of the veranda. The finishing touches – siding attached veranda flush with the house.