You will need
  • - construction materials;
  • - fasteners;
  • tools.
First decide how you will use the verandaas living room, office, summer kitchen, etc., whether to heat or not as willing to spend the beautification of this room. It is no secret that the price often has an impact on the choice of construction materials for finishing.
Consider interior design. Come up with your own design or use ready-made which can found on the Internet or specialized magazines, books on design. Approximately calculate the required amount of building materials.
For you to be able to use the front room as an additional living room, it is necessary to insulate. This can be done outside the premises and within. Insulation material (mineral wool, polystyrene, etc.) attach to the wall with staples or nails with broad heads.
If insulation will be spending outside over the insulation, using wooden sticks secure, waterproof and windproof material and then panel the walls with siding. With an internal insulation mineral wool put vapor barrier material, e.g. aluminium foil. Then make a wooden crate. Don't forget to insulate the floor and ceiling (if the porch is attached).
Then proceed to the interior decoration of the room. Heat - and vapor-proof material indoors can close a sheet of drywall or paneling. In another case, Prime the surface and then otshtukaturili and zashpaklyuyte. Floor cover with material of your choice, for example, linoleum, tile, plywood, etc. the Ceiling panel boards, gipsokartonom, etc. In the last step of finishing the surface of paint in your chosen color.