Quantum Break


This project tells the story of a failed physical experiment, in which the main characters of the game has unique abilities. One of them can see the future, and the other two is to control the flow of time, slowing down and speeding up it. The scientific aspect of the game is carefully designed: to work on the project the nuclear physicists from CERN, and that says a lot. So Quantum Break's most anticipated new games on PC the coming year definitely can and should be written.

For Honor


This game was shown at the press conference Ubisoft part of E3 2015. The main emphasis here is made on a cooperative battle with machetes in the format 4x4. The player can choose his characters are representative of one of three factions (knights, Vikings and samurai), each of which has its own set of moves and weapons. The trailer looks beautiful, just like graphics in the gameplay, however, it is unclear whether this game has a single player campaign. If Ubisoft limited to only multiplayer mode, it will disappoint many fans of the genre.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


The new part of the famous series Deus Ex needs to be born early next year. The plot of this game for PC 2016 revolves around the confrontation of humans and cyborgs, which reached its apogee after the events of Human Revolution. The graphics in the game became more sophisticated, improved AI, gameplay and a whole number of innovations.

Dishonored II


Previous Dishonored, despite the entertaining plot and the emphasis on stealth, was a project quite controversial, but still very worthy continuation. The events of the second part takes place some time after the first, and the players will have the ability to manage not only loved by gamers Corvo Attano, but the heir of Empress Emily Caldwin. The throne of the Island Empire once again threatened, and again the main character to the rescue. Details about Dishonored 2, but it is known that the release will be in spring 2016.

Mafia III


The world premiere of the third part of the famous Mafia was made on the current exhibition Gamescom. It is known that the game will take place in New Orleans in the 1960-ies. The main character Mafia III is a veteran of the Vietnam war, Lincoln Clay, comrades who died at the hands of the Italian mafia. This project was met with some disapproval: many players blame the developers for what they have decided to depart from the canons of the series. And really, the game is more like Driver: Parallel Lines and Just Cause. However, it is worth noting the fact that one of the secondary characters will be the protagonist of the second Mafia Vito Scaletta, and also to mention that the developers promise to tell the fate of a friend of Vito and Joe Barbaro. And this is good news.



The third part of Doom was not very successful, and some fans of the series already was disappointed in it. However, a video of the gameplay of the updated Doom shown at E3, showed that the fall spirit a bit early. The developers decided to return to the canons. New part of the game promises to be insanely brutal and bloody – in the best traditions of the legendary series. It is reported that Doom will be added to multiplayer with lots of modes and the map editor. The release will take place in spring 2016.

World of Warcraft: Legion


Legion – the sixth addition to the famous MMORPG World of Warcraft, in which players waiting for a large-scale invasion of demons. The game will be the first class entered the halls where the representatives of various factions will be able to communicate and create order. Will also be available new class – demon Hunter with their class differences, the ability to see through walls and make double jumps. It's not all innovations. A full list of those gamers is to see personally, is good to wait for the release in less than a year.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst


Catalyst is not a sequel, but rather a restart of the original. The main hero of the game is still the same faith, which was still opposed to the dystopia in which he lives. The developers promise to implement a completely open game world, and to introduce a secondary task which can be taken in addition to the story. We'll see new Mirror's Edge in February 2016.

No Man's Sky


Lighting the most anticipated games of 2016 on PC, not to mention No Man's Sky. It's a space sandbox with open world. Players do not have to destroy the hordes of alien mutants, do not have to play the hero, saving the galaxy. At each start the game universe is generated randomly, so the gameplay cannot be called linear. The player himself will decide to be a bounty hunter, an intergalactic pirate, Explorer of new planets and stars or something else. The output of this ambitious project is scheduled for early 2016.

Kingdoms Come: Deliverance


Scrolling games on the PC in 2016, which looks forward to a gaming community, it is also worth to say a few words about Kingdoms Come: Deliverance. The development of this medieval sandbox is run by a man that owes its existence to the immortal Mafia, Daniel Vavra. The game was funded on Kickstarter, and Vavra personally promised fans of his work to combine in the new project the best features of well-known games such as Mount & Blade, Dark Souls and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In the summer of 2016 players are waiting for interesting quests, exciting battles and great picture quality on the engine Cry Engine.