Social security number or insurance number of individual personal account is a unique props that applies the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, its territorial subdivisions to simplify the accounting of insurance contributions for the individual citizen. It is on this account lists all insurance premiums paid by employers insured in the period of his employment or official activities. This number is recorded on a special document – insurance certificate that is issued to the citizen on the basis of personal appeal. At the same time for different categories of applicants established certain design features of the said document.

How to get SNILS on your own?

For obtaining the insurance certificate, the citizen will need to apply to the territorial office of the Pension Fund at the place of self-registration. The Department should complete the application form and present your passport, no other documentation is required. Then the specialists will give a ready testimony for 1-2 weeks after treatment. A similar procedure applies when registering minors in the system of mandatory pension insurance. The parent must present their own passport, child's passport (or birth certificate for children under 14 years), and then fill out a form and wait for production of documents. The certificate must be obtained independently in the same branch of the Pension Fund (at the place of official registration).

How to get SNILS through employer?

If the citizen had not previously engaged in labor activities, the insurance certificate it may not be. In this case, the simplest option of receiving the account number is registered in the system of pension insurance through an employer. When applying for the job should to fill out a questionnaire of the insured person, then the organization is obliged within two weeks to send the documents for obtaining the certificate in the corresponding Department of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. After receiving the questionnaire, other documents authorized body produces the certificate within three weeks and shall submit it to the employer. The latter must submit the document to the employee within a week of its receipt.