Why do some children sleep peacefully alone, while others will never do without extra help? Every mom your answer to this question. They find reason in the mode of feeding, stubborn character and even genetics. And safely practice falling asleep under the breast, the rocking on the hands or sleeping together, considering them the only possible solution. In fact, any child can fall asleep himself, if it is to teach. The ability to fall asleep independently is no less important than the ability to crawl or eat with a spoon. Because it affects the tranquility of the whole family.

How to teach your baby to fall asleep alone?

Tip 1. Start immediately after birth.

To start in this business never before, but it might be too late. You may think that the baby is still too young to understand, but it's not. Every day you instill in the child the habits, and that he will continue to take for granted. If your baby is born sleeping in your bed, do you really believe that in 2 years he would willingly agree to sleep differently? That is why immediately after the hospital teach the baby to his crib. Be patient, talk to the baby, explain him your actions. The difficulty will be, but be consistent in your decision, and then in 2-3 months you will feel the fruits of their labor.

Tip 2. Often leave to play alone.

The baby is a little older and already enthusiastically watching over him hanging toy. Don't need the clock to sit next to him, let the child observe the surrounding world on their own. Be aware of yourself without you. Understand that when you leave – it's not forever. When you go out for a walk, let the baby's face is turned from you in the opposite direction. You can instill in the child the habit of playing alone.

Tip 3. Do not run at the first squeak.

So, the kid playing one. Or sleeping. And suddenly he makes a sound. Crying? Well, not exactly crying, but you think that it is bad. Not take off, and do not try to take the kid on hands. Wait a few minutes! The kid could mutter in her sleep, moving from one phase to another. Or talk to the toy. Pause, do not interrupt the child to cope with their emotions.

Tip 3. Do not use the crib for games.

During wakefulness, play anywhere – on your bed, on the Mat in the playpen, but the crib of the baby should be just for sleeping. And nothing else. Fix this habit as early as possible.

Tip 4. Stick to the regime.

Remember, the repetition gives the child a sense of security. Therefore, during the first months you must work out the mode of the day for your toddler and follow it. Naturally, deviations are inevitable, but don't give up. For example, you notice that the optimal Wake time is 1.5-2 hours. At expiration do not wait for the whims, put the baby to bed in a good mood. He will play a little bit and, tired, fell asleep on their own.

Tip 5. Determine your favorite sleeping position.

Observe the child and determine what position he likes to sleep. And in moments of anxiety do not take on hand and try to move on.

Tip 6. Create your ritual for the night

Before bedtime use your own special ritual. For example, swimming and lullaby song. If it gets dark later, close the window curtains.

Tip 7. As early as possible give the child a separate room.

As soon as you notice that the baby sleeps well one, moving to sleep in a separate room. So all will be calmer, because you won't Wake up because of his mumbling. And crying you hear from every part of the apartment.