First of all should pay attention to Europe. In Paris, Prague, Barcelona, Lisbon are much less tourists than in summer. For walking yet warm enough — from 15 to 25 degrees. Wonderful autumn all the famous cities of Italy: Venice, Florence, Rome.
Also in some European countries you can grab the end of beach season, even in late October. This is Sicily, southern regions of Spain (Alicante, Malaga), Greece. The water temperature in the second half of October is 19-22 degrees, which is quite normal for people used to cold of the Russian people. There are places and warm: the Canary Islands, Malta, Cyprus: the water temperature is around 22-24 degrees. The day is Sunny and you can have a great tan, but evenings cool, so don't forget to put in the suitcase warm sweater and a light jacket.

A warm delight and Turkey, Kemer, side and Alanya water temperature is 23-24 degrees and the days are warm and Sunny.
If you are not afraid of the periodic armed rebellions, and do you like danger — the resorts of Egypt will gratify you with a warm (about 27 degrees) sea and hot weather. You can also choose other popular Arab countries: Tunisia and Morocco. The water temperature there is lower than in Egypt (21-24 degrees) but the sun is not worse.

Exotic destinations, where the "eternal summer", is also well suited, because in most of these countries fall ends the rainy season. First of all, it is South-East Asia: Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia. Weather in different regions and on the Islands differs slightly: the air temperature averages 30 degrees and the water 28. From the Caribbean the most comfortable for tourists include Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico. The most expensive holiday awaits you on the Islands: the Seychelles, Mauritius.