Three important rules when cooking a juicy chicken breast:

1. No forks and knives for readiness verification. You must use a wooden spatula for frying, stewing and baking. Otherwise the juice will stand out and chicken is not juicy.

2. Salt is added at the end of cooking, otherwise it will pull all the moisture.

3. Place the finished dish for the infusion for 20-30 minutes, then will just cook a chicken breast juicy and soft.

Several methods of cooking chicken breast soft and juicy:

1. Marinating

Many women use different marinade to the breast pretty well soaked and sated. It will fit a variety of herbs and spices, sauces and the infusion of lemon juice. Hydration depends on the duration of marinating, the main thing – all this time the breast should be kept in a cool place. The saturation time – from 30 min. to several hours. If the marinating time is limited, it is better for the marinade to add a little more lemon juice, it will block the escape of moisture and can in a fairly short period to cook a chicken breast juicy and soft.

2. Baking

For baking it is advisable to use foil. Contrary to popular belief, the skin from the breast can not be removed. It will help to keep the juice and will not allow the aroma to leave the dish, and the foil will be another guarantee that the dish will be juicy.

3. Decoction

For cooking with this traditional method it will require a marinated breast, put in a bag or tightly wrap with cling film. Packed breast, to put in another bag, not forgetting to pull all the air, and cook in boiling water.

To prepare the chicken breast is juicy and soft enough to experiment a bit. Add soy sauce, spices, vegetables. When cooking chicken breast in batter increases the caloric value of the dish, but nonetheless, it also turns out very juicy.

Finally a recipe for delicious chicken breast:

You will need 2 chicken Breasts, 2 medium onions, lemon juice, 2 dessert spoons of starch, a little butter and vegetable oil, a pinch of salt and baking soda.

To cook the chicken breast juicy and soft, it needs to be cut into several pieces and put in a bowl for marinating. Top squeezed lemon juice, sprinkle with baking soda, again sbrazhivaetsya juice and sprinkle with starch. While the meat is marinating, cut onion rings and fried in oil. Already marinated meat and fry for 10 minutes in a mixture of onions and butter until tender.