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Best diet for weight loss in summer – fruit and vegetable. And you can not stick to some hard and fast rules, it is enough just to adjust the diet. In the heat, as we know, the metabolism slows down. Therefore, the body requires much less calories than in the winter. Proper weight loss in the summer is impossible without the corresponding menu.

Eat as much vegetable salad greens, cucumber. But do not fill them with sour cream or mayonnaise, do not add cheese and other high-calorie foods. Better pour a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil and wine vinegar. A great vegetable that helps to provide rapid weight loss – zucchini. It is useful and is low in calories, it can bake, stew, fry with garlic.

Of course, the sweets should be excluded – instead there are strawberries, currants, apples and other fruits. Instead purchase high-calorie ice cream learn to make homemade sorbet. And don't forget the squirrels – eat fish, lean meats. It is best to steam or grill, sprinkle with lemon juice.

To lose weight quickly and efficiently, you can arrange fasting days on fruits or cheese. The principle is this – during the day, to consume only one product, such as watermelon, cucumbers, cottage cheese or Apple.

No diet for weight loss is impossible without correct drinking regime. In the summer you want to drink a lot, but some drinks – insidious enemies that hide a lot of calories. Strictly refrain from sweet sodas, milk shakes. Drink more water – you can push it on the ginger and mint leaves, add lemon juice, and get the metabolism-boosting delicious drink. Brew herbal tea – chamomile, Melissa, mint, thyme, strawberry leaves, birch, etc. It perfectly removes toxins from the body and thus promotes weight loss.

Effective weight loss will provide the use of a special green cocktail. They can replace dinner. Take a variety of greens (lettuces, dill, Basil, parsley, cilantro, celery, etc.) and together with low-fat yogurt, whisk in a mixer. Drink a glass a few hours before bedtime, and the question of how to lose weight in the summer, will be resolved pretty soon.

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Funny ask me about, how to lose weight in a week, and only rely on menu modification, diet and fasting days. Without exercise, excess weight will go away quickly. Good – in summer it is much easier to lead an active lifestyle, do not have to go to the gym.

Take a pleasant morning jog, and after that take a contrast shower. More swim to burn calories. In the evening walk in the air, ride on rollers and Bicycle. In the end, even working in the garden is a good way to strengthen muscles. Rebuild their way of life, and soon will notice how much slimmer the figure was and how their mood improved.