Requirements for installing Xubuntu

To install from the CD-ROM is required DVD recorder, clean the disc for recording. The image takes up about 1 GB. The computer on which you will install the operating system must be equipped a DVD drive, you can boot from the CD-ROM drive.

For installation from USB Flash drive capacity 2 GB support USB 2.0 and above. The computer on which you plan to install the Xubuntu operating system must support booting from USB-flash.

Requirements Xubuntu to the processor

Xubuntu to work you need a processor with a clock frequency of at least 1Ghz. For comfortable operation it is desirable with multi-core processor architecture.

Requirements Xubuntu RAM

To run Xubuntu enough 512MB of RAM. However, we must understand that application software will need more volume. For comfortable work the required volume is not extent 1 GB of RAM.

Requirements Xubuntu to hdd

A minimum installation requires at least 7 GB of free disk space. It is recommended to release no less than 20Gb for comfortable operation and save the data. Xubuntu can work with all modern hard drives and ssd drives.