Wolves. They always had a special relationship. Loved them, hated them, they were deified. In every country and time had its own stories and legends associated with wolves. And individual stories were devoted to is the wolf howl. Most often they involve love and loss. Such a beautiful romantic story.

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Nothing amazing, by the way. Wolves often get a pair once and for all. So many of the legends of call of the wolf howling lament for the beloved.

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The dreary howling depressing at the people sitting at the window in the warmth and security, and terror on those who at this moment was wandering through the woods. The wolf howl is the most horror that is the lunar night. At such moments, and born some of the most chilling legends and stories.

почему собака много гавкает

There is a serious pseudo-scientific study on the moon phases and gravity's effect on the vocal cords of wolves and dogs, which they howl at the moon at night. In fact, however, a wolf howl can be heard not only at night. He often sounds in the daytime.

почему собака воет

The fact that howl easily overcomes distances and posted in the woods, so it is often used as the means of communication for wolves. Especially if the wolves are hunting.

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Wolves are pack animals and they are constantly required to communicate with other canines. With the help of the howling they determine their location in relation to the pack. Wolf howling at a large range of inflections and effects. Howl, you can tell us about various events in wolf's life. He is like our radio. Wolves are constantly "in the air". Found a wolf-friend – said on radio", the cubs were born – again pleased with her, started hunting and need help in pursuit of the deer was howling, and help here.

When the wolves "sing" a bunch is a kind of designation of the area for possible intruders.

By the way, many stories about werewolves have gone because of the hunters of wolves that are using the system of wolf, faking it. Deceived the wolf admits to himself such a "kindred" too close, which can lead to "orderly forest" tragically. And impressionable then the poison mushroom stories about wolf-men.