Foliar application of strawberry during flowering

When feeding strawberries during flowering is not necessary to forget about its foliar diet. This procedure should be carried out three times during the growing season. First – as soon as the first leaves, the second with the appearance of stalks, the third - during the growth of the ovary.

When selecting foliar feeding of select drugs which includes about two grams of potassium sulfate and one gram of boric acid per liter. During the processing of strawberries pay special attention to the underside of the leaves of plants (the fact that the underside of the leaves absorbs most of the nutrients).

Root feeding of blossoming strawberries

It is worth remembering that during the period of active flowering strawberries in large amounts of necessary potassium, so if you want to get a good harvest, be sure to feed the plants with an infusion of bird droppings, wood ash solution, mullein or potassium nitrate.

In recent years, many gardeners as a root feed use yeast: a kilogram of compressed yeast is diluted in five liters of water, insist in a warm place a few hours after which pour them with the mixture of the strawberries in the calculation of a pint on a Bush. Also to prepare such a feed can be used and the yeast, however, the technology of preparation of the mixture is slightly different. Need a package of yeast to dissolve in a glass of warm water, add a tablespoon of sugar, let stand a few hours, after which the cooked mass pour into a five-gallon bucket of water, stir and you are ready to feed.