As the root system of strawberries is in the surface layer of the soil, the plant cannot use the water reserves accumulated in the deep layers of the earth. The strawberry is considered a moisture-loving plant: the perfect measure of moisture in sandy soils is 65% -70%, and on heavy soils, it reaches 80%. After harvesting, the increased moisture of the earth should be equal to 60% -65%. Consider the norms of irrigation: for easy soil application rate is 80-100 cubic meters of water per hectare, but for the loamy 120-130 cubic meters of water per hectare.
Water strawberries regularly, without long breaks. Because of the lack of moisture at critical periods of plant growth (even in 10-15 days) significantly reduced the yield. For this plant is considered ideal with drip irrigation. In turn, the drip irrigation system differentialsa on the type of installation mechanism, mounted in the gap of the pipe (internal), as well as the system, which is placed at the ends or side surfaces of the tubes (the end). In container or sack method of growing plants prefer drip internal system, and if beds of ground – terminal mechanism.
During the first two weeks after planting the strawberries keep the soil moist (this is very important to ensure that the plant is well rooted). For this daily watering strawberries (soil moisturize 2-3 mm). Then the following two weeks water the plant every other day. Remember that the increased water requirement of strawberry is experiencing in the period of regrowth of leaves (especially if the winter was snowy). During flowering watering limit, but in the period of ripening of berries after harvest, renew intensive watering strawberries. In hot weather, water the plant at least 2-3 times a week.