1. Before moving make cleaning. Of course, someone else's dirt with your hands to remove not want, but it is necessary to overcome itself and all to wash properly (by the way, if there is no time to wash, you can hire a cleaning lady). After cleaning the new home will go much nicer. Throw out trash that was left from the past occupants, as well as master the things that have already served their time.

Attention! About all the changes that you will leave behind, be it a repair or a desire to throw other people's things, it is necessary to notify the landlord and get his permission. If permission is not obtained, it is likely you will need to restore all at own expense.

2. Start with decorating the hallway – put at the entrance of a bright new rug, hang a mirror. All of this if will be sorry to leave when you move, you can take with you to a new home.

3. If the state of the rooms and cuisine quite sad, and more well maintained accommodation no money, change the Wallpaper. They will give a more clean, well-kept look to the house, while the cost of Wallpaper can be quite small, if you choose not the most expensive option. Well, to do it by yourself.

4. To make the kitchen much more comfortable and cleaner will help change the countertops or even the apron, are located near the plate. This is not a very costly exercise, and the effect will be stunning. Of course, change the apron or table top you have to negotiate with the landlord.

5. Change the textiles. This is another element that creates the mood and comfort in the room. Buy bright curtains, put on the sofa a couple of pillows-pillows unusual pillows, fluffy blanket. Decorate the chairs with special floor mats, which are colloquially called seats (and they can, for example, bind their hands out of colorful threads or old t-shirts), and on the table lay a big table cloth. On the floor you can also put several small bright rugs (small rugs can be found at a very affordable price, and we want to do with your hands).

6. Try to make your own hands some object of furniture or decor. Even unusual picture frames, not to mention the coffee table will attract the attention of the guests, and no one will see the worn linoleum in the hallway or the old table in the kitchen.

7. Remember that trivia is not trivia. Framed photos, vases, other decorative "toys" give individuality to the interior, distract attention from the shortcomings of the repair.