You will need
  • - furniture;
  • - decor items.
The easiest way to create your lovely home starting with the bare walls. Then you will be able to bring every square inch of the apartment to perfection. Choose from a variety of ideas for interior design of the ones you liked the most. You may want each room to perform in different style and color, perhaps they will be in harmony with each other.
If you live with your family, you need to hold the Council to account for everyone's opinion. Mother-pensioner and child is a preschooler with pleasure will take part in the selection of furniture and decor items, they also spend a lot of time inside the apartment, they comfort and comfort is very important.
Every day appear all new and new materials for finishing work, so you need to consult the store, not to choose is really what will suit you completely. Comfort depends on the colors and textures, and material finishes and furniture, from their successful combination with each other and with the decor.
How many people, so many opinions! One person is comfortable to be in the room of glass and metal with leather furniture, the other feels comfortable only in the environment of a large number of soft pillows and the ruffle on the curtains. The most important thing is to maintain a chosen style, not to break the harmony and introduce discord, by making, for example, in the interior in the style of hi-tech pink dresser with angels of shabby chic.
When choosing furniture, think about its usability and functionality. Comfort – is the proper arrangement of the sofa and armchairs in front of the TV, this fluffy rug in front of the bed, this is a solid Desk with a comfortable chair, a set of colorful cans on the shelf near the dining table. Determine that there is a comfort and appeal of the home in the understanding of each family member. If they all have their own rooms, decorate them, guided by the wishes of their inhabitants.
When it will be repaired and arranging furniture, consider the decor. Is paintings, mirrors, candle holders, shelves with trinkets, vases, pictures in beautiful frames and much much more. There are items that his presence in the apartment is able to give charm to any interior. In the Cabinet put a table lamp with shade-stained glass, it will revive the strict atmosphere of a room and remind you of the brightness of the life outside the window.
The bedroom will make a cozy pattern in soothing colours, stylish bedspread and a wooden chest for bedding. Kitchen can't do without the smell of spices and attractive it will make your whole family gathered for afternoon tea with hot cakes. The child in his nursery will create such comfort that you may not immediately appreciate, but it is his fairy-tale world with its own laws!
The center of gravity of the living room there is a TV and soft comfortable sofas. Warm furry cat purring on one of the chairs will add harmony to the atmosphere of the apartment.
Another very important tip – get rid of junk and unnecessary things. All this is just annoying and brings a "spoon of tar" in your attitude and mood when you are at home.