Quick sorrel soup

Peeled onions and carrots cut into half rings. Sauté them in sunflower oil for two to three minutes. In the broth in his absence, be replaced with water) put the diced potatoes in the amount of four pieces. Cut into noodles two bunches of sorrel, and throw in a bowl to svalivsheesya potatoes, followed by add to the pot of roasted vegetables. Salt, pepper, season with spices to taste . Boil for another one or two minutes, but no more. Quick sorrel soup served with sour cream and a piece of egg.

Soup-puree of sorrel with shrimp

Boil and clean three hundred grams of shrimp. Peel one egg, hard-boiled.

In a bowl pour one hundred and fifty milliliters of hot water, to release about three hundred grams of sorrel, cook for seven minutes. Cool, then RUB through a sieve, add salt.

Onion-turnip, parsley root, finely chop and fry in vegetable oil. Combine them with chopped green onion, dill, chili pepper (postrock), two tablespoons of butter. Put it out about five minutes.

A lot of greens put into the blender, whip until smooth, while beating slightly diluted with boiling water.

When serving in a bowl pour the sorrel puree in the center of mass of greenery, on the edge – krevetki and pieces eggs, cut lengthwise. Cream soup of sorrel shrimp can be decorated with mint leaves.