You will need
  • To setup you need a working remote control, user manual, DVD player and DVDs with high-quality recordings of several widescreen films, so when playing from top to bottom of the image were dark bands). You can do without the player, and setting to carry on one of the TV channels, but it is not very convenient.
Connect the player to your TV, start watching the movie and menu settings.
Adjust the brightness of the image. This is done as follows. A pause in the playback at the frame with about an equal amount of dark and light areas. Increase brightness to maximum and gradually lower it until the strip at the top and bottom will not become black. If individual parts in the frame have become thus indistinguishable, then add a bit of brightness.
How to improve <em>quality</em> <b>image</b> <strong>TV</strong>
Adjust the contrast. The setting is done on the image with a white object and visible dark parts (snow and trees, crevasses, etc.). Increase the contrast to maximum. Then begin to gradually reduce it. Lock level when dark details will become blurred, and slaborazvitym. Then start to increase the level to obtain a normal image.
Adjust the color saturation (chroma). Best setting to produce a frame with a human face. Increase the saturation to get "superzagar" face, and then reduce to natural colors, no redness in the wrong places.
The tint setting color and sharpness. The most appropriate parameters 50 (color) and 0 (sharpness). Change only if clearly needed.