You will need
  • Software Media Player Classic.
One of the easiest ways to measure the quality of the film is to run it and visually appreciate the picture. Most likely, you will not be enough, so use the built-in functions of your player. An example will be considered for a media player, Media Player Classic. This player is included in most builds of codecs available at the moment. Any Assembly of codecs you can download from the Internet, they are freely available, their use is not required to pay cash.
After installing and running the player must select a video file, which you need to know. Click File from the drop-down list of the shortcut menu, select "Quick open file" (Open file).
Click on the play icon or click the Spacebar on the keyboard. Next, click the "File" menu, select "Properties" or press Shift + F10. In the opened window go to the tab "Details" to view the settings of a video file. They will be presented in the following form:
- duration;
- the size (volume);
- frame size;
- video quality;
- the quality of the audio.
The last 2 lines are the parameters that you were looking for. As a rule, the names of the parameters vary a lot, but the performance will be the same everywhere.