With this program you can make the circuit for the selected image. Any you picture translate in the scheme and enjoy the process of creativity. A portrait of a loved one or a picture of the place where you liked, with the program everything possible to turn into embroidery.

Programs for creating diagrams a lot. There are those that will make a simple circuit and they are suitable for beginners. Also there are options for "professional embroidery skill."

You can meet the paid and free programs. The choice is yours, depending on what goals you are pursuing. Forums dedicated to the program selection, you should definitely give advice on the choice of program to suit your needs.

The Internet has resources that allow you to create a diagram without buying and installing the program. It is enough to upload your picture, create a diagram and save it. It is very convenient if you are just starting to do embroidery and create schematics using the program. Understand the General principle of action, and then decide whether you need a more complex, possible paid version of the program.

In any case, such resources greatly expand the creative boundaries of the needle. Your loved ones will undoubtedly be very pleased to receive your portrait made with your own hands!