What part of the room to hang or put on the TV?

Many of us put the TV in a special wall, designed for the living room. Usually next to it is a sofa or dining table, thus forming a kind of makeshift cinema for all family members. It is important that the TV was not in front of the window, because in this case, to consider on the screen during the day, when not closed tight the curtains will be very problematic.

At what height to place the TV?

In the kitchen and bathroom should choose a different height of the TV, because in the kitchen, the hostess will often glances at the television in the process of cooking and in the living room watching television will occur behind a Desk or from the couch. Stand at the stove in the kitchen, sit on the sofa in the living room, estimate the height at which you will feel comfortable to watch in the center of the TV screen.

How to place the TV?

Today there are two main installation options for the TV in the room – on the wall using special brackets and the Cabinet, in the wall. To choose between them is depending on the area, utilization of space, design. Also a good option – TV in a specially built for him a niche, but about the design of the niche it is time to think during the repair.

It is important to consider the possibility of installing the sockets for your TV (TV antenna socket to power the unit). It is better to install more outlets (4-5 pieces), to the TV you can connect other equipment – cameras, tablets and laptops, smartphones. Also to smart TV easily connect a keyboard, mouse, so don't interfere, and the shelf under the little things (including under remote control, which has a tendency to get lost).

Useful tip: don't forget to arrange the room for more light, because watching TV in complete darkness, as they like to do it some people, bad for the eyes.