You will need
  • phone.
If you have a Nokia mobile phone, use the code *#0000# in order to obtain information about the firmware. Just type it into standby mode and wait until the screen displays information about the system. The first line will show the firmware version of your mobile device, and the second the date and time of release of the installed software, the third – type of your machine. Please note that this code will also work if you reinstall on your mobile phone program firmware or reinstall the operating system in the smartphone.
If you are the owner of phone Siemens, use combination *#9999# to view the version installed in your machine software. Also for these phones has the code *#0837#. Codes are also available when changing the software.
In order to know the information about the firmware on the Sony Ericsson phone, use combination *#7353273# (means *#RELEASE#, can remember the combination for this word). After putting it into standby mode will appear with the name of the program. Also, use code # 8377466# to get hers.
If you have a LG mobile phone, enter in standby mode 2945#*# and select S/FW version that appears on the phone's screen menu, which should appear several lines.
For phone, enter the engineering code *#06# , after the character “V”, see the code installed in the device program firmware.
To find out information about the installed firmware in the Panasonic phone, enter *#369# in the standby mode or when you turn on your phone and to detect them, signal, *#9999#. Please note that if the network is detected during a set combination, firmware view will not work.