Find out the firmware version of your Nokia mobile phone at the time of purchase. Basically a variety of equipment known this information. If your device is an early model, the firmware information may be on the box, which was supplied with the phone. Locate the sticker with the serial number near which will indicate the version number. Modern Nokia phones, this information is hidden. Thus, the company defends its product against break-ins.
Dial on your mobile phone Nokia code *#0000# that will display on the screen of the device all necessary information about it, among which will be the version of the current firmware.
Go to "Menu" of your mobile device, select "Phone" and click on "Manage phone". Scroll down to find the link "Update your device". Some Nokia models this section contains not only General information but also the firmware version.
Find out the product code of your Nokia mobile phone. It can be written on the box, which sold the device. If you have not saved the packaging, then turn the phone off. Remove the battery from the phone. Under it you will see a variety of information. Find the words "Product Code" and write down the 7 numbers next to it.
Run in your browser the link to the website of the company "Nokia" In the appeared menu it is necessary to find the model of your Nokia phone, and then enter in the "Enter your product code:" product-code that was previously defined. After that, you will see information about the firmware version and the latest available update.
Go to the website of the company "Nokia" on the link and locate the software Update. Download the app and install itself on the computer. Connect your Nokia phone to PC and run the program. Then follow its tips to determine the firmware version installed.