You can remove ads in the browser Yandex permanently using a special extension, originally built in the program. To do this, go to the main menu of the browser, clicking on a key in the form of three bands, located in the upper part of the window. Select "add-Ons" and locate the line called Adguard. Activate the Supplement. Now the web pages will be free from different banners and ads.
Install one of the alternative extensions like Adguard will remove the ads in the Yandex-browser forever. The shape of the Yandex browser similar to Google Chrome, so most of the plugins created on the engine, fit for Google and Yandex. Most popular files today is AdBlock Plus. To find and install it via the menu "Extras" or you can go to the official page for a direct link through one of the Internet search engines.
On the extensions page, click on "Get Adblock now" and in the appeared window click "Add". Now, the Adblock icon will appear at the top of the browser window. Through the settings you can choose how and on which sites to block ads.