Most of the mills for spices is made in the form of a glass jar with a plastic lid. It provides a plastic mechanism of the mill. Remove the cover in the usual way by lifting with a knife or other sharp object is not obtained. In any case, no serious damage to the cover itself. Therefore, we will use a different, scientific way.
Coefficient of expansion when heated at the glass and plastic are different. So we will take a high Cup and pour into it boiling water. The plastic cover will lower the mill for spices in a Cup and wait a minute. Now cover without problems removed from the mill. Do not forget to use a potholder — it's hot!
To put back the cover too difficult. Put the pepper mill on a flat and steady surface such as a table. From top to wear on the jar lid. Not to break the fragile plastic, use wooden cutting Board. Press your hand on the Board, and it will put pressure on the lid. Watch that the cover was straight to the center of the Board. You can also use the book.