You will need
  • to determine the type of homemade mill for grain;
  • visit the appliance store;
  • to buy the most suitable your needs unit.
Mill manual type is ideal for offline use: at the cottage or vacation, on the road, as well as any other locations where electricity is not available. But if you require a large amount of flour and cook it you are at home (in the kitchen), it is best to purchase an electric mill.
When choosing a home manual mills must pay attention to the diameter of the millstones — what it is, the process of rotation of the handle when grinding will be easier. For the quality of the grind is also quite an important balancing of these millstones.
Windmills for home use can have millstones made of corundum ceramics, basalt or granite. The latter, as a rule, is a natural, making these units environmentally friendly. Besides, granite is one of the most durable and hard rocks.
As for the basalt, it is also often used in the production of domestic hand-mills. Millstones from this volcanic rock made for a very long time — since biblical times.
But today's most popular material for the manufacture of millstones — the fusion of ceramic and corundum extracted under high temperatures. Thus any chemicals are added. These millstones are highly durable and provide a fine grinding flour.
When buying a home mill should take into account the amount of fresh flour, that is, the performance of these units. If you have a small family, there is no better option than a home type manual mill you will not find, but for a large family or for industrial use, on the contrary, should give preference to electric grinders, the engine which has high power. The higher the latter, the easier it is for the mill to grind grain solid culture, for example, peas or corn.
Also be aware that when rough grinding (when the flour retains the most nutrients), the performance should be 2-3 times higher than with thin. All the modern windmills for home use are equipped with a control system of the grinding, so you can set the level: to make more crude or subtle.
The outer casing of domestic mills (both electric and manual type) can be made of metal or of wood: basswood, pine or beech. By the way, the wooden mills are considered to be environmentally friendly, but also have unique properties. For example, pine wood, gives the flour a unique and very pleasant aroma.