You will need
  • - videoconverter;
  • program Nero;
  • - documentation for hardware players;
  • - CD and DVD
If you are dealing with video or digitize video, the choice of format becomes particularly important. Your choice will depend on the goals you set for yourself, and your technical resources.
For archival storage of videos, you best keep the original video files in the format in which they were captured. The fact that each subsequent converting and compressing video file leads to loss of information. For this reason, we can recommend digitization and preservation of analogue video format without compression (compression). Such files have large sizes and it is best to record to Blu-ray.
If you are recording a video to further videomontage, here uncompressed video has its advantages. But the program-Movavi video editor can offer you formats from your set. This has to be tolerated. Its limitations and establishes the capacity of the hard disk of the computer.
In the end, the choice of video format depends on what device this video you are going to play. For example, if you to view the video you want to use the computer with the Windows operating system, it is acceptable to you may not be converting the file and install universal software player. These include, for example, VLC and GOM Media Player. These players work with a variety of different video formats, and GOM Media Player can download codecs from the Internet.
With most video formats successfully cope and portable mp4 video players as well as some e-book reader (ebook reader for books). They can even play HD video. Many of them have output to connect a TV. There are special portable video players, storage media are USB flash drives and memory cards. These devices also use a wide variety of codecs.
If you want to record videos for playback on your mobile phone, then you may need to convert the video file to proper format. For most mobile phones and smartphones this format is 3GP, but the possible options. For correct choice of movie format, be sure to check the documentation of your mobile phone. You need to know not only the video compression codec, but the audio parameters, frame rate and, very importantly, the size of the frame.
The video format is for playback of DVDs. It DVD players and standard DVD is the format. If you need to get a universal disk for these devices, use this format. But here we must note that this DVD is a disc format, not the format of the video file. Such a disk must be mounted with special programs from files of format MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 audio format, these files most often AC-3.
Some DVD players can play discs format video CD (VCD) and super video CD (SVCD). Information about these disk types can be found on the Internet, and to mount these disks in Nero from files with MPEG-1.
Many modern DVD players can read discs that are recorded as a data disc containing video files with the extension avi or mpg. Readable for these DVD players are DivX and Xvid codecs (files with extension avi) and MPEG-1 files (with mpg extension).
For home video collection is the most suitable codecs are Divx and Xvid. For audio, click the mp3 codec. The extension of the file put avi. In this format you can record and HD video. The video files of this format accepts most of the video site, they lose all software players and many hardware.