Make an appointment with a psychologist for a few sessions. He will conduct basic tests, will talk with you and will be able to give a more or less specific advice about what field of activity you work better. This is one of the most accurate ways to find out which profession suits you best.
If you can not sign up to the expert, try to pass the tests on their own. Will focus on the study of preferences in the work Dzh. Of Holland's and Klimov. If the results of both tests match, you can try to find a suitable job in this field. Otherwise, try alternatives.
A lot of people asked how to find a job you love, because can not fully realize themselves. To resolve this problem, try meditation techniques. A large number of them, but the simplest is focusing on specific thoughts and breath. Sit as comfortably as possible, but so that your spine was in a straight position. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, muttering to himself "inhale" and "exhale". Then start to ponder what you are most drawn, what is the scope of activities brought you the greatest pleasure. This will help to determine the choice.
You can also use the technique of "white sheet" or pirating. Take a clean sheet of paper and find a quiet place. Sit up straight, turn on your favorite music and put all your thoughts on paper. Don't limit, just write down everything you think regarding this issue. Initially, the process may go a bit slow, but it is only a little wobble, as the thoughts will flow a river. This is one of the best exercises for self-discovery and decision-making.
Arrange the internship. If you don't want to be mistaken with a choice of employment, to just go through the preliminary stage. Typically, you will sign a contract for 1-2 months with minimum wage (or even without it), but you can learn and see what people are doing with this profession in practice. Find internship programs on the Internet or at the labor exchange.
Ask your relatives. To understand how to find a job you love, you can consult with your family and friends. Because you spend with them much time, they know you better than anyone else. If they are parents, they can tell what you loved doing in childhood. If it is a spouse, he may remind you the case which you have light up eyes.
If you have the idol, try to master this sphere of activity. As a rule, Hobbies of people you want to be like, most likely will work for you. Only carefully review all the issues associated with this area in order not to be trapped.