Installation. Go to the website where you purchased the hosting service by entering your username and password. Then in the hosting control panel. Find the installation section designers: for example, a section called "Softaculous", and - "CMS". Click on "Joomla" and "Install". The program will automatically set. To learn about installing designer you can in the "Help" or "Support".

Entrance. After installation, your email address will receive a letter of successful installation with the username and password to login, and the hosting link will appear: "control Panel Joomla website". Go to the panel and enter the username/password in the login window. Do not forget to specify the Russian language as the interface language.

The choice of website template. In the top of the panel select "Extensions" then "template Manager". You can select from 2 templates: "Beez3-Default" and "Protostar - Default". Clicking on the eye icon near the templates, you can see what they consist of. Select any template and click on the asterisk to the right of it. Remember or take a screenshot of the location of the position (Position-0, etc.) is needed for selection information blocks.

The creation of categories. To have attracted attention, think ahead about what information blocks (categories) it will be. For example, if it is a tourist site, the categories should be appropriate: Thailand, Turkey, etc. Go to the "Materials Manager categories - Create category". Type name and hit "Save and close".


Create a material for the category. Go to the "Materials Manager of materials – Create a material." The material name has to match a given category. Write the text of the articles, select the appropriate category to the right and click "save and close".


Create menu and item selection of the location. To category and thematic material appeared on the site, you must create the corresponding menu item. In the top of the Pane scroll to "Menu" and the section "the menu Manager". Click the "Create menu". Will appear the options window. The menu title should be the name to unite all of the categories that it will. For example, if again to accept a travel website) "tours" or "Accommodation".

Go back to the "menu Manager". To the right of the created header it says that this header is not specified the module. Click on the "Module" and in the parameters select the position for the title (based on a template).

Save and select Menu – Title - Create menu item". The menu item name must match the name of the created category. In parameters, click the "Type" menu and select "Materials - Block"category.


Evaluation of the results. At the bottom of the control panel designer is a button "View website". Periodically press it and check if everything turns out the way you planned. Your website will open in a new window. In the event of an error, return to the tab page of the control panel and edit any inconsistencies.