Content management system

Joomla is software that allows you to create sites, edit them and manage them. The most popular free CMS that is content management system. At the same time, from two varieties of Joomla refers to the management of web content.

Feature of Joomla is that at the first establishment of the program has a simple set to create a website. Later you can increase the functionality. So that the novice is not worth the effort to understand all the intricacies of working with this system.

Joomla has characteristics such as the interface, creating any websites for any purpose, supports most web hosts. The web resource will be dynamic and powerful.

Features Of Joomla

To more accurately understand what is Joomla, you should review all of its functions.

Clear and simple admin area of the program that is Joomla workshop. Work in it may be one person or group of persons. Here is the edit and control, the admin area shows graphically what opportunities currently has the installed version of Joomla.

Association with a web resource, written in HTML and smoothly with this language.

A slight change the appearance of your site using ready-made templates or create your own. That is, the design is done the way it sees the developer.

Create different shapes and storing the database. This function refers, for example, form login or registration for users storing passwords and logins in a special database. Or creating a feedback form.

To increase the possibilities of Joomla with the help of many free and worthy of extension. This includes guestbook, chat, forum and more. Still periodically come out with new versions of the program with improvements.

Security when you view the system login and password. Data transfer is conducted according to its own procedure.

To construct a versatile, but at the same time easy interface of the website. This feature of Joomla allows you to install the site countless menus that are optimized to work.

The output of any content can be automated and programmed for a specific date.

The ability to create the transition of the site into most languages. Many websites have this feature of switching from one language to another.

Differentiation of access for different users to specific content. For example, a registered person can download a file or see some content to unregistered and this feature will be unavailable.

It's not all of the existing features of Joomla, as with the release of a new version of the system capabilities creation and management of website becomes more and more.