First you have to create a module registration/login Joomla user. To do this, go to "Extensions" then "module Manager". On top of the right side, locate the "Create" button. Click on it, then you will see a list of the basic modules, which is quite a large number. However, they are not enough for a website.
Select the module "Login". Set module title, and then customize its display. You can leave the display or remove it. It's still recommended to leave it enabled so that users are not confused and to make it more clear the value of this form of entering the username and password. Next, enable the module, select its location and configure the access.
Then go to the right side to the module settings. Attach the class suffix of the module or leave the field blank. Enter the text that will be displayed before the login form and text after login form. Next, select the address where happens redirect the user when they log on to the website or the outlet. If you want to customize the greeting to be displayed after user authentication. Don't forget to choose how to display the "nickname" of the user. It may be displayed as login or name.
Now the login module/registration created. Click "Save". Go to your own website and try to register the name of the new user. So you check the efficiency of the module. In addition to the registration and authorization module will contain links to password reset or login. All fields with an asterisk are mandatory. The user must specify all required data. After that, he will be able to use the site.