You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - joomla;
  • plugin niceText;
  • library Cufon;
  • module mod_cufon.
The easiest way is to change the font of each article in the embedded text editor. All articles can be found using a materials Manager on the admin page. Open the article, select the test and choose the desired font. This is a laborious process, but it does not require any additional knowledge.
To change the font in the menu and site logo by editing the template file.css. It is located at the address: omeas website.ruwww emplatesтекущий Sablons. The number of rows in the file depends on the complexity of the template. The harder it is, the bigger the file, the harder it is to work with him. In order not to get lost in the abundance of information, it should be remembered that for the title fontand answers tag font-family. Here you can set the font for the articles, then do not have to perform boring formatting each by hand.
Sometimes require the use a rare fonts, for example, in the logo of the website. There is no guarantee that the font will be on the user's computer and everything will look the way you planned. In this case, you can resort to trickery and to place the desired text with a picture. To do this, open a text editor that supports the desired font, type in the text, format, and then click PrtScr on the keyboard. Everything that is shown on the screen will be saved to the clipboard. Open any graphics editor and paste in the picture. Trim all the excess and save to computer. The resulting image then paste to the site. Do not get involved in this method – search engines are not able to read the text from the image.
There are many plugins and modules work with the fontAMI. They all act differently. Many contain libraries that allow you to quickly and easily change the size, color and style of the font.
NiceText plugin allows you to set the font for the five groups of elements. However, he solves the problem of the lack of fontand on the user's computer. All site visitors will see everything like you planned. You can download it at this address:
Cufon Font replacement technique – library fonts based on JavaScript, so it works equally well in all browsers and operating systems. You can download it here: To work with the library there is a module mod_cufon. You can download it here: It will allow to connect and manage the Cufon library. All this can be done in the admin panel of the website.