What is the responsibility of the chef

At the initial stage of development of the restaurant are some of the duties to perform the Manager or owner. Conversely, if the company grows, you can establish an additional position for unloading the head chef. The main responsibilities include:

institutional arrangements for the coordinated work of the kitchen; menu planning; handwritten preparation of some dishes; control technological processes of preparation and quality of meals; purchase of products; accounting and costing; recruitment, training and quality assurance of the work of the kitchen staff; supervise the observance of sanitary regulations; an inventory of food and equipment; record keeping; introduction of progressive measures (developing new recipes and technologies).


The more responsibilities you will be the chef, the higher should be the requirements. But it is necessary to consider the possibility of payment, because the higher the qualifications of the candidate, the greater the rewards they will deserve. In the list of requirements can include: the availability of specialized education; experience in the position; knowledge of recipes of different cuisines; professionalism; understanding of the mechanisms of price formation; knowledge of all health and safety regulations a high level of responsibility.

Chef: the Creator or administrator

Often before the caterer problem: what is more important – administrative or culinary talents prospective employee. As a rule, a high level of both is found in one expert rarely. If you face the problem of choice, is preferable to the second direction. Because administrative duties can be delegated to another worker or to train them in the operation process, but the chef who cooks bad and tasteless, certainly not to match the position.

Effective administrative division

Some restaurateurs use the division of responsibilities of the chef between multiple cooks. Rather introduce an additional post of sous-chef and brand chef to work more effectively. This approach is relevant for large restaurants chains with a large number of visitors and a large staff of kitchen workers.

The sous chef is the assistant and Deputy chef that completely duplicates its duties and can replace it in either direction if necessary. Brand chef does the steering work, the supply of products and quality control, involved in conceptual developments and their implementation.

Where to find chef

A good cook will be expensive, and to search for it, you can hire a specialist head-hunting. As all great cooks, tend to be employed in other restaurants, to get such a specialist himself can only offer him better conditions of work. For the segment of medium category restaurants looking for cooks ads in the Internet or organizing a competition among applicants. For new restaurateurs the best option – selection among successful graduates of professional colleges. The same way you can raise your own expert.

Whether to invite chefs from abroad

Today the most fashionable restaurants are restaurants of national cuisines. To invite foreign specialists fashionable and prestigious. However, before looking for chefs abroad, consider whether you will be able to pay him the appropriate salary and at the same time to endure its individual characteristics. Such cooks usually capricious and vain. Often difficult to find a common language, because they are accustomed to doing things his own way. Maybe should just find a good home chef, full of enthusiasm and creative ideas, and to entrust him with the development of menu according to the recipes of specific national cuisine.


One way of getting a good chef's existing restaurant may be an increase in the position of one of the chefs. This is true in the case when your running the boss suddenly decides to change jobs and will need urgent replacement. Not to be in a difficult situation, it is recommended to track the professional growth of staff cuisine. Perhaps some of them already have a great chef with big ambitions, which develops the necessary qualities for the position of chef. If there is such a person, he can become a boon for your institution, and after promotion to actively contribute to its development and prosperity.