In fact, a folder called $Recycle.Bin is a common basket, where the user sends the junk files. In Windows XP it is also present, but is simply called Recycler. The folder appears in the root system of all disks and contains the same information. In it are deleted but not cleaned from the disk files.

As the content of this folder, old files will be deleted, yielding place to new, but this will happen only in case if the user does not have enough memory on the computer.

The Folder $Recycle.Bin is a system, so you may not be able to see her. In most cases people change Explorer settings to view hidden files (e.g. flash drive), and then forget to return it.

If you do not want the folder $Recycle.Bin visible in Explorer, do the following. Click "Organize" in the Explorer window, and then click on "folder Options and search". There go to "View", select "advanced settings" and then to "Hidden files, folders, and drives". Next, put a check in the "don't show hidden files, folders, and drives".

Delete the folder $Recycle.Bin is impossible, as it is the place where deleted files are placed. Moreover, using special software and tools to delete the file, can lead to a serious error in the system, so their use is not recommended.