Most often, a runny nose (rhinitis) is a bacterial, viral or allergic. But sometimes provoke inflammation nose foreign body caught in the nasal passage or adenoids. So before you treat it is advisable to consult a pediatric ENT doctor.

How to cure common cold in children.

Treatment of rhinitis should be comprehensive and include the use of three drugs:

  • vasoconstrictor drops;
  • the drug with sea water;
  • antimicrobial or antiviral agent for topical application.

To start treatment is always necessary with instillation of children's vasoconstrictive drops. Medication can help relieve nasal congestion, will restrict vessels of the mucous membranes and will help the child to breathe properly. The pharmacy decongestants are represented in large numbers ("Nazol baby", "Otrivin", "Snoop", etc.). They all have the same mechanism of action (restrict vessels of the nasal mucosa) and differ only in the duration of the therapeutic effect and rate of application. Drugs are produced in the form of drops and spray. For a small child (1 year) it is advisable to buy drops, older children also fit the spray.

Five minutes after instillation of vasoconstrictive drops in the nose cavity should be washed by sea water. It will make the bow the secret is not so viscous and will give a good opportunity to clean the nose. In addition, salts contained in the water will improve the state of the mucosa of the nose and a little relieve inflammation. Pharmacy network offers a wide selection of medicines with sea water, for example, "Akvamaris", "Aqualor baby" and others. Drugs are also available in drops and spray. Very small baby will only fit drops. For older children (after 1 year) spray to choose is preferable, it allows you to better wash out the nasal passages. To bury or to splash sea water is necessary in both nostrils.

After nasal lavage is necessary to remove all the accumulated mucus. Children who know how to blow your nose, you can ask to do it. It is very important to blow your nose correctly, clearing one nostril, close the other, pressing it to the nasal septum. The younger children will have to use the aspirator. There are two kinds of nasal aspirators: bulb and type of aspirator "Otrivin". The nozzle of the aspirator must insert in one nostril and the other nostril should be touching the nasal septum and suck the mucus out of the nasal passage. Then the same procedure is necessary to spend with the other bow stroke.

After the nose is cleared, you can get medicine. For the treatment of bacterial rhinitis suitable antimicrobial agent "Sulfacetamide" or "Sulfatsil – sodium (eye drops). He will dry the mucous membrane and stops the growth of bacteria. Instill 1 to 2 drops in each nostril. Children after three years instead of "Sulfacetamide" you can splash antibacterial drug "Izofra". For the treatment of viral inflammation of the nose can drip "Interferon".

The entire procedure should be carried out 3 times a day. In between, you can splash ocean water to remove the mucus extractor.

Complications of rhinitis

Rhinitis in children is almost always complicated by inflammation of the ear (otitis), so in parallel should be treated lugs. A good anti-inflammatory effect of the drug "Otinum". It instill three drops in both ears 3 times a day. Treat the ears should be to cure the common cold.

If the evening for 4-5 days, you should definitely visit a doctor.

Allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is treated differently. The most important thing is to eliminate the allergen and administered Allergy medications, for example, "Zyrtec". In the nose it is preferable to bury vasoconstrictor drops with antihistamine components, e.g. Vibrocil, you can also flush the nasal cavity with sea water. Antimicrobial agents usually are not required.