The tea bag can give an unusual taste pasta and cereals. Drop one tea bag in a pot of water and pull it out after boiling.
Used tea bags can be applied as fertilizer for a vegetable garden. Brew the used packages and pour the resulting composition of the plants in the garden. Tea helps protect plants from fungus and welding deters garden pests. In addition, tea leaves contain beneficial nutrients.
Using tea bags to impart a pleasant smell of floor coverings and clean them from impurities. Tear open the tea bags and cover place of dirt with a damp mush. Wait until it is completely dry and vacuum the room.
If the filler is to mix cat litter with the contents of used tea bags, it will help to neutralize unpleasant odors.
To get rid of bad smell in the refrigerator, place some old tea bags.
Splash on the tea bag a few drops of any essential oil. Now you can hang it in any room. This beautiful natural air freshener that effectively neutralizes all unpleasant odors.
Used teabags soaked in peppermint will help to deter mice. These rodents just can not stand the scent of mint and tea.
If you soak a dirty greasy dishes in water with several tea bags, then dirt and grease quickly dissolved. This method will help to avoid the use of harmful cleaning products.
Tea softens the skin on the feet. Take regular baths with tea and you will get rid of the odor and soften dead skin calluses on feet.
Tea is a source of natural antioxidants. Bathe in water infused with the tea, and your skin will be tender and soft.
Using the tea bag can relieve skin irritation and eye fatigue. Put cool tea bags on the eyelids and a feeling of discomfort will quickly pass.
Mint and green tea helps to eliminate bad breath. Several times a day rinse your mouth with tea and fresh breath is guaranteed.
During shampooing, use the conditioner instead of the infusion of tea. It perfectly nourishes the scalp and moisturizes the hair.
With the help of weakly brewed tea infusions you can update wooden furniture. Just wipe the wood surface with this composition and it will look much newer.