Advice 1: Recipe onion mask for the hair and how to get rid of onion smell

Traditional recipes hair masks remain popular among women. And onion mask is known to help significantly reduce hair loss. But despite all the positive actions from the mask, after all, there is one significant argument against it — the smell of onions. From this acrid smell is very difficult to get rid of, but possible in several ways.
onion mask

Recipe onion mask for hair

There are many recipes with the main ingredient — onions. All of them list makes no sense. We will discuss two of the most popular recipes onion mask.

The easiest recipe onion mask against hair loss is spread to the scalp onion juice simply no additives. For one procedure, you will need 1 medium bulb. Some use onion gruel. But then it is worth considering that the smell will be stronger, and the onion flakes will be difficult to get rid of. It is better to use pure onion juice.

To obtain onion juice can also in several ways. The first way is to straining. Onion you need to peel and grate. You can use a blender or juicer. Then the resulting slurry must be filtered through a cloth. It is best to take a handkerchief. The straining through cheesecloth will lead to the fact that the juice will get pieces of onion.

Also onion juice, you can insist. To do this, chop the onion thin half-rings, put in a box and leave it closed for a few hours. Juice should Nereditsa.

Onion you need to use the bulb and how it will be "meaner", the better the effect. It is not necessary to apply for this mask, purple salad onions, the effect will be much less.

The juice should be applied on the scalp. For this it is best to use a syringe without a needle. Then the juice is evenly distributed. Apply the juice you need to the skin on the middle and carefully massage into your head. After the treatment you can wrap your head with a towel and leave for 1 hour. After that, the mask is washed off with regular shampoo. After the first application will be a noticeable decrease in velosaped. But it should be done as a course 1-2 times a week for a month.

The second recipe onion mask is also quite simple and affordable. You need to mix onion juice, 1 egg yolk and 1 tablespoon of honey. For dry hair you can add 1 spoon of castor oil. The mask is applied, kept and washed off in the same way as the previous one.

How to get rid of onion smell on the hair

луковая маска

The smell of onions is very stable and without additional funds it may persist for months. Especially long the smell lasts on the damaged hair.

To get rid of the onion smell, you need to:

  1. Clean the onion juice from the pulp carefully. The smell lasts longer on the hair, onion juice if poorly treated.
  2. Do not keep the mask for too long.
  3. Do not apply the mask on the entire length of hair. The mask is very good at helping to cope with hair loss. Therefore, it must be applied only on the scalp to juice had an effect on the hair follicle.
  4. Add in the mask a few drops of essential oil of tea tree, lavender or rosemary. The essential oil will partially kill the smell of onions. But do not overdo it with the oils, otherwise you may burn the scalp.
  5. Well interrupts the smell of onions coconut oil. It can be applied to hair ends during the onion mask. In addition, it will help to section hair.
  6. By washing the mask in the shampoo add a few drops of essential oils.
  7. Rinse after shampooing your hair, acidic water. Make it easy: for 1 l of water is added the juice of half a lemon.
  8. You can add to the mask of colorless henna. It is also fairly well overpower the smell of onions.
  9. Dry hair without a Hairdryer, combing them with aromatic oils.
  10. Well eliminates hair from the smell of onions and coffee. Rinse the dissolved coffee hair after the mask and they will get a nice smell of coffee.
  11. Remember that the smell of onions gets stronger when hair is wet. So avoid during the course of procedures for hair, swimming pool, saunas and sports activities outside the home.

Advice 2 : How to get rid of the smell from the hair

The smell of hair may appear in several cases. After dyeing, when it was applied the paint with ammonia, as a result of diseases of the scalp - seborrhea or fungus, or because the locks have not been washed.
How to get rid of the smell from the hair
If the smell of hair appeared after staining, do not worry. It will be held after the second wash. To accurately get rid of him, wash hair first with shampoo and then apply a nourishing mask or conditioner. Leave it on hair for ten to fifteen minutes. This procedure will completely wash away the remnants of the dye, which gave off a bad smell. If you go into a shower is not possible - use a hair spray. He'll drown out the chemical smell.
If the heavy smell of hair emerged from the skin diseases - seborrhea or fungus, to get rid of it, you need to hold treatment. It will have to go to the doctor or dermatologist. He will prescribe special shampoos, ointments, and medicines for oral. During treatment, you need to wash your hair with special products every day to get the hair did not issue smell. After recovery, he should disappear completely.
Dirty greasy hair also appears odor. That is why curl is recommended to wash in process of pollution, not after a certain period of time. If there is no possibility to take a shower, use dry shampoo or regular flour. It will absorb the sebum and make the hair clean. But this procedure will allow you to restore the freshness of the curls for a few hours. To make them shiny and fluid will only wash.
The hair is very absorb odors. So if you were in the same room with smokers, you too will smell like cigarettes. This smell can be removed only with the help of shampoo.
Useful advice
Do not use just perfume for the hair, the better determine the cause of the odor and eliminate it. Fragrances will not be able to completely drown out the smell, if it is caused by any disease. On the contrary, mingling with them, they reinforce an unpleasant odor.
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